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How the Labradoodle found a place in my heart.


Many years, ago (early 80's) I was visiting a favorite nursing home in Portsmouth, NH. (Edgewood Center), I  met my first Labradoodle.  The dog was busy moving from resident to resident, introducing herself with a lick, having a tender approach, and intentionally locking eyes with each person. The reaction from the residents amazed me, I noticed increased motivation & energy, improved cognitive ability, and many stories about a beloved pet. The dog was totally focused with greeting each person, with a spring in her trot, and eventually making her way toward me.  I think her name was Daisy, she reminded me of Walt Disney's Bengi or Tramp in the movie; Lady & the Tramp.  I decided on that day that I found my future dog, and I wanted to raise the Labradoodle. I happened to own a lovely yellow lab, she was just two years old, and I bought a regal Black Royal-Standard poodle.  Moving on,  I reg. both of my foundation dogs with the then ILAA now known as the ALAA. I was the first registered Labradoodle breeder in N.H.  Since that time I have moved on to my present day, breeding lines of Labradoodles. I breed for positive temperaments,  beauty, and high standards of  health testing's. We are fortunate if we have one litter a year, many years we have or do not breed, and we are hobby breeders.  


My background involves horse breeding/training/show; animal husbandry, and canine training & breeding. My family raised German Shepherds in my childhood, and I have raised several  poodles.  I am employed as a public guardian in the state of N.H. My dogs often attend work with me as therapy dogs.  I work with adults with severe mental illness, developmental disabilities, and the elderly. I have been serving the public, as a guardian for over twenty years.  I have a master degree in social work from the University of N.H., and we live close to the university. Our dogs are family members, living on a large property with fields, and a river flowing through. Our dogs are very happy,  loved with all our hearts, and proven to be exceptional animals. I am an American ordained Buddhist, I practice compassion and kindness towards all sentient beings. My ordained name is Singhatara protector like a lion, and I have been a practicing Buddhist for over 30 years. My favorite breed is the Australian Labradoodle, wonderful dogs, and I think you are already aware of this. Thank you for visiting our site. Marianne Hannagan , Newmarket, N.H. 603-531-7439



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