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Autumn Haze's Spooky Una - aka "Venice". She is registered multigeneration Australian Labradoodle. ALAA-083330
And, is DNA, Microchipped, OFA approved & clear certifications for 130 different genetic defects known to this breed.

Guardian with his dog Una in the White Mountains hiking
Autumn Haze ALAA platinum paw 2024.png
Guardian Family
Grandmother dog Tulip
Autumn Haze ALAA platinum paw 2024.png

Trust in dogs registered with ALAA. You won't be disappointed or taken advantage of.


Beautiful proud grandmother A. H. Tulip now retired.ALAA-046106

The Australian Labradoodle is a breed that is gaining popularity due to its low to non-shedding, allergy-friendly coat. They are known for their intense eye contact and intuition, as well as their non-aggressive nature and great sense of humor. Our Australian Labradoodles are versatile and well-suited for various roles such as Therapy, Assistance Dog, Medical Alert, and Overall Family Companion. They are an athletic and healthy breed that excels at agility and other dog sports, but also loves to snuggle for hours when someone needs comfort. Our dogs are handled daily from birth.

If you are looking for a dog that is loving and adores being with their people, is very intelligent, allergy and asthma friendly, low to no shed coat and your best friend, then this breed is for you! These dogs don’t enjoy being left outside alone or being left alone for long periods, they need their people and are happiest when they can be with their family all the time!
Australian Labradoodles are wonderful family pets and have been intentionally bred, over multiple generations to have temperaments and characteristics that are suitable for therapy and service.
This includes:
.   Strong Human Focus
.    High Intelligence
.    Sustained Eye Contact
.    Emotional Intuition
.    Calm and Centered Demeanor
.    Low Allergy and Low - Non-shedding Coat
.    High Aptitude for Training
We are committed to preserving these characteristics for all our breeding dogs. 


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