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                        Information about our puppies !

Autumn Haze ALAA LOGO 2022.
ALAA Golden Paw Breeder
Parade of Puppies!
Rose maternity room
Guardian with her dog on a paddle board in Great Bay NH
Puppy kissing a young boy
Rose peeking out of her whelping bed

W.M. Clever Little Cedar - Reg. # ALAA-129446  our standard size future stud (pending health testings), and his guardian. Exploring the water ways. 

 Our puppies are from a 21 year line of Multigenerational, OFA health certified, Registered, American Australian Labradoodles. Our dogs are bred for companionship, service work, and health! 
Our puppies parents are all, multigenerational  ALAA registered Australian Labradoodles. Allergy friendly, and do not shed.   Contact    -  or simply fill out our puppy application, and be placed on a waitlist.  

Autumn Haze's Spooky Una - aka "Venice". She is registered multigeneration Australian Labradoodle. ALAA-083330
And, is DNA, Microchipped, OFA approved & clear certifications for 130 different genetic defects known to this breed.

Guardian with his dog Una in the White Mountains hiking
Autumn Haze GOLDEN PAW 2022.
Autumn Haze GOLDEN PAW 2022.
Guardian Family
Grandmother dog Tulip

Trust in dogs registered with ALAA. You won't be disappointed or taken advantage of.


Autumn Haze GOLDEN PAW 2022.

Beautiful proud grandmother A. H. Tulip now retired.ALAA-046106

Autumn Haze's Jack ALAA- 129060

Autumn Haze's Brie ALAA-129061

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127 Hersey Lane, Newmarket, NH 03857 


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