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Dear buyer, I have visited a few websites of people selling Labradoodles in my state, and neighboring state's. What I have noticed will hopefully help you in your search for a physically, and emotionally healthy puppy. Obviously, this is what you are trying to do, you found my site, and I hope this information will help you.
False Pedigree's   --   I've noticed several pet shops or back yard breeders noting "Australian Labradoodle" puppies with  Pedigrees (family linage), I believe the Pedigree certificate is copied off the internet. How do you check this out?  The parents of the puppy should have DNA numbers through Pawprints or Optima genetics & your puppy should be related to these parents through microchip& DNA registration numbers.  Or establish multigenerational breeding lines through The Australian Labradoodle Association America registry. 

False Health Testings --  Health testings should come from established Labs; OFA; Penn Hip; Paw prints genetic's; Mars genetic's, and stay away from The Dr. so & so health testings. I'm sure there are several reputable company's, ask a vet to help you, and ask for COPIES of all health testings. I think this is one of the biggest "scam" areas. 

Read the information before putting a deposit on a puppy! Check out the paperwork, have a contract, and make an informed decision.  Potential Puppy Mills = several different breeds puppies available or numerous breeding dogs.   Use common sense trust your instincts. 

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