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         At Autumn Haze Labradoodles L.L.C.,  we breed genetically sound Australian Labradoodles. We have achieved the highest honor given to a breeding program by the ALAA which is the GOLD PAW for extensive health testing on ALL our breeding dogs. We do genetic testing, hip, elbow, eye, thyroid, and breeder panel testing with various other blood tests. Alternatively, a breeder that does not put time or money into the care of their dogs and puppies or does not spend any money on health testing will have the ability to sell puppies at a lesser cost.

All of our puppies, with the exception of those set aside for breeding stock, are $3,200.00 including tax. Should you decide to adopt one of our puppies, a $500 deposit will hold your place on our waiting list. Click on our puppy application page to submit the puppy application. We cannot hold any puppy without an approved application AND Deposit. We do not accept deposits until confirmed  breeding time . 

Puppy delivery is available. Whenever possible we prefer that you pick up your puppy, but if this is not an option we will make arrangements to bring your puppy to you in person, and at your expense.

All our puppies, unless specifically purchased as breeding stock, will:

  • Come with our 2 year health guarantee

  • Have had all age appropriate immunizations

  • Have been de-wormed twice, with Panacur, and for the prevention of Coccidia.

  • Have a thorough comprehensive exam by a veterinarian, and a state of N.H. health certificate. 

  • Be Micro chipped with an ISO certified universal Microchip.

  • Have began crate training at 6 weeks .

  • Have began potty training, too designated area. 

  • Have had temperament conditioning,  gentled handled since birth, and auditory/sensory training since birth. 

  • Have been well socialized with children, adults and other dogs

  • Have been given lots of hugs and kisses & listening to jazz/nature sounds/white & brown noise. 

  • Be registered with the Australian Labradoodle Association of America.

  • Being fed home made organic scientific simple home made foods, with Pure Balance veterinarian recommended dry kibble food. 

  • Come with a 5 lb bag of  Pure Balance kibble & home made scientific evidenced based: simple home made dog food recipe's.

  • Come with a blanket and toy with the scent of the mother ;  family members, and litter mates. Helping your puppy , adjust to it's new home.

  • Come with a collar and leash. You will need to carry your puppy into pet store for a proper measured harness, or measure at home for on line order. 

What you can expect from us:

  • We will contact you throughout pregnancy and immediately following the birth of your puppy.

  • We will provide weekly updates and pictures. We want to make sure you are a part of the entire process.

  • We will help you in making pickup/delivery arrangements for your new pup if necessary.

  • We  will choose your puppy based on temperament, special needs, environment, and your lifestyle. At the age of 6-7 weeks. 

  • We will match you with the appropriate puppy: if available in the litter: otherwise you will have to wait for the next litter, and we will discuss this prior to final decision. And your deposit is available for return, if a puppy is not available. 


  • This is a lifelong commitment , that we take very seriously. Not only do we want to make sure we provide the appropriate puppy for you or your family, We want our puppy to  be appropriate for the individual or the family. Temperament is our first consideration. Color and gender are secondary.

  • We will be here for you for the life of your new family member. 


We do not allow individual visits to our home. Please understand that we are not a large kennel facility and that this is only for the protection of the puppies. Parvo virus & Herpes virus is a real threat to the lives of young puppies that are not fully vaccinated.

We won't expose the puppies to harm regardless for any reason.  For example: Canine Parvo Virus is a deadly communicable disease. It is transferred on shoes, clothes, tires and hands and can easily be picked up and carried on the soles of your shoes without you knowing that you've been exposed!  When planning a trip to our home, to pick up your new puppy, we ask that you not visit other places where dogs are/have been 3 weeks prior to . Parvo virus is very persistent and difficult to get rid of...Parvo virus can live in the soil for up to 3 years. Discuss this with your own veterinarian .

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