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Spring Puppies!

Molly fudge & Buddy

Molly fudge & Buddy's pup's arrived 2/28/24 & will be ready to leave us at 9 - 10 weeks of age or around the first or second week in May.  Molly fudge & Buddy are multigenerational Australian Labradoodles. We only breed to registered ALAA Australian Labradoodles. To ensure the continued quality of our breeding program and breed standards. ALAA registered dogs are all DNA'd for parentage. And have verified OFA health testings for generations. 

Autumn Haze's Rose's Molly fudge - ALAA 08381 Red with white markings curly non shedding coat.
Molly is 17" tall & weighs 38 lbs.
Elite Blend's Gustav the Great "Buddy" ALAA 094909 Red & apricot non shedding relaxed coat.
Buddy is approx 19" tall & weighs  35 lbs. 


We are hoping to have a litter of beautiful healthy puppies and have done our homework. Our girl Molly’s first litter & she is 4 years old. We wait until our females are proven to be emotionally mature/stable prior to breeding. Colors could be tri colors, chocolates, creams, reds or apricots. Puppies will be medium sized 25 - 35 lbs. Coats will be non shedding, combo curly & relaxed coats.

Great Grandmother Tessa & granddaughter Bekka. 

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