Bringing your new puppy home - check list!

1.    Make your veterinary health check appointment per your health contract, within three days of taking possession of your puppy. 

2. Order your dog food on line - your puppy is fed Pure Balance dog food mixed with home made food. Pure Balance brown rice & chicken is a good starting point, and mixed with the canned.

3. Home made dog food recipe example:  Bake a package of chicken thighs, a few sweet potatoes and or 2 cups of rice (white or brown). Debone cooked chicken, add to bowl the sweet potatoes skin & all mushed up. Add a can of sardines in water & a pkg of cooked or canned spinach or chopped broccoli. Add the rice... mix all up & measure out individual portions & place in baggies & freeze. Order home made cook books for dogs on Amazon. Utube has ideas & recipes. 

4. Order a medium sized wire crate. Make it like a cave for your puppy (cover with a blanket or the sort). Fill with puppy pee pads & soft easy to wash sleeping towels, in the crate. Have plenty of soft & medium hard toys. 

5. Order puppy training books on Amazon, watch puppy training videos on utube, and sign up for a class near you! 

6. Practice holistic feeding & care for your new puppy. I do not give my dogs insecticide to ingest or put on their skin (flea & tick). I use Natural care flea & tick products. And, regular bath my dogs with the same. Cancer causing agents are in non-holistic products. Dr. Dodds has books out, and utube videos. Do not over vaccinate your puppy/dog. Plenty of information about this on line & on Utube.