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Hello, nice to have you visit our website. I grew up on the seacoast and settled into a small horse farm in Newmarket, NH with my family. I graduated from UNH with a masters degree in social work, and undergraduate studies in animal husbandry . I've raised many a german shepherd when living with my parents, and decided to breed Australian Labradoodles about 21 years ago. I worked in social services  and wanted dogs to assist me in social work.


My core values are practicing honesty in all my affairs, to not cause harm, and for the benefit of all sentient beings .  I'm an ordained buddhist my ordination name is Singhatara, protector like a lion. I've worked as a public guardian for the NH courts for the past 28 years and recently retired.  I served the venerable incapacitated individuals with severe mental illness, the elderly, and people with developmental disabilities. My dogs often went to work with me, and made a big difference in many lives.


We love our dogs with all our hearts, we commit ourselves to you for your dogs lifetime, and we are not the typical dog breeders! We hope one of our lucky puppies will find a forever home with you. 

Let’s pick out that puppy!

127 Hersey Lane, Newarket NH


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