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As we have previously discussed, in being an informed buyer, selecting a breeder is a very serious decision. A puppy is only as good as the program that it comes from.


With the large amount of “doodle” breeders in the population, it is easy to get overwhelmed. As an adopter you should do your research to ensure that your future puppy is coming from a reputable, licensed breeder. At Autumn Haze Labradoodles we are proud members of the Australian Labradoodle Association of America (ALAA).


As ALAA member breeders we are licensed/held to standards that ultimately takes the many worries that come with purchasing a puppy off of the adoptive family.


What is the ALAA?

The ALAA is an organization dedicated to maintaining the breed standards and nurturing the development of the Australian Labradoodle.


The ALAA represents breeders in the United States, Canada and Europe and holds its members to very high standards in regards to their breeding programs. Take a look at the ALAA here Code of Ethics here to get a glimpse of just how dedicated its board members are to protecting the its registered dogs.


The ALAA requires that breeders not only follow that code of ethics, but also meet strict health requirements. ALAA member breeders are subjected to inspections and audits as deemed necessary to maintain their membership.


It is forbidden for ALAA members to sell their dogs to commercial animal wholesales/retail pet dealers or to allow their puppies to leave for their new homes prior to eight weeks of age.


In order to be considered an ALAA member breeder in good standing a breeder must:

  • Submit all breeding dogs’ pedigrees and minimum health testing for dogs in their program

  • Provide and honor purchase agreements and health warranties for all puppies sold

  • Register all litters produced in their program

  • Adhere to the ALAA Code of Ethics in Business practices


All ALAA member breeders are issued new logos annually, so be sure to check the validity date of the logo each breeder displays on their website. We proudly display our membership logo on the front page of our website! Additionally you can find all the ALAA breeders on the following link


Required Health Testing

As mentioned in the above section, ALAA members are required to test for several potential health issues. See the below screenshot to see the ALAA requirements:


ALAA member breeders are also required to submit a health warranty/guarantee to the ALAA registrar for review. It is required by the ALAA that all member breeders offer a health warranty/guarantee on each puppy bred in their program! This means that your future puppy is covered for the duration of the guarantee from any genetic defects or disease.


Continued Education

Currently, there are no laws requiring breeders to attend training to qualify them for their career, but the ALAA strives to change that. The ALAA offers many different conferences where they bring in the best and the brightest in the industry to provide continued education to its list of prestigious breeders.


Each year the ALAA changes the destination of its yearly round table to allow for more breeders to attend. However, many of us travel to these seminars because of the quality of information that is shared.

For example, last year’s conference, held in Boston MA, featured guest speakers over reproductive and neonatal care, a guest speaker from Puppy Culture, features on pedigree analysis and genetic disease control and much more. This education is paramount in ensuring our program provides your puppy with nothing but the best care from day one!



When you purchase a puppy from an ALAA member breeder you know you are receiving a quality puppy from a heavily monitored program that wants nothing but the best for the future of your puppy! We are proud to say that we are ALAA members. We are happy to abide by any and all regulations set forth by the ALAA because we truly believe in producing happy, healthy puppies that will live long lives with their new families.

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