Registered name: A.H. Rebecca's Black Eyed Susan.

Autumn Haze's Rebecca's Black Eyed Susan "Bekka"  is a happy, elegant, gentle girl. And planned breeding in June 2021.

_Bekka_ call name
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W.M's. Stud out of MD. 

Autumn Hazes's Rebecca's Black Eyed Susan "Bekka"  ALAA reg. # ALAA - 069033 

Rebecca weighs 32 lbs, and is 18" tall. She is elegant, flowing fleece cream coat, and a black pigmented nose. She is gentle, loving, and adores babysitting puppies. Bekka is a multi-gen. Australian Labradoodle, her pups will be multi-generational Australian Labradoodles. 

Bekka's eyes, hips, elbows are all certified with the Orthopedic Foundation (OFA), and she is DNA cleared of 113 genetic disease. She is a very special girl!


Waltzing Matilda's Winemaker Storm


Multigen Australian Labradoodle

​ALCA - 137-03262015-046-LD1                                                        


PennHip - L .39  R.52

OFA Elbows - Negative

CERF -  Clear

PRA - Clear

 vW - Clear

IC - Clear

EIC - Clear

Thyroid - Normal

Genotype - Bbee

Size - Medium 17" 

Weight - 25 lbs


W.M's stud Rico Suave out of MD.

Autumn Haze "Bekka" 

Bekka 2020

Bekka & Rico 2021

Waltzing Matilda's Rico Suave'


Multigen Australian Labradoodle


​ALCA - 

PennHip - L.0.42 R.0.38

OFA Hips: Good

OFA Elbows - Negative

OFA Patella - Normal

OFA Cardiac - Normal

CERF -  Normal

PRA - Clear 

vW - Clear 

IC & EIC - Clear

Thyroid - Normal

Genotype - Bbee

Size - Mini 16"

Weight - 23 lbs

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