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Autumn Haze's Wild Rose

DOB: 1-21-17

Autumn Haze GOLDEN PAW 2020.png

NO AVAILABLE PUPPIES -  at this time. 

Autumn Haze's Wild Rose & W.M.'s Keegan next breeding, . Next anticipated breeding April/May for a summer litter. Pups will be expected to be long flowing relaxed curl & fleece non-shedding coats. Medium size 20 - 38 lbs ( easy to pick up if necessary). Application required to be considered for the wait list. 

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DOB: 1-21-17

Autumn Haze's Wild Rose is a gorgeous dusty rose Cream, color with apricot markings. Her coat is curly fleece, and feels like silk to the touch. Rose has the sweetest temperament, a pre-seizure alarm dog (not common) & excellent agility movement (for the agility show enthusiast)Rose is medium size, weighing 38 lbs & 21" ,   Pups expected to be mediums. 20 - 38 lbs. Rose is expected to breed with Keegan for this litter, or Ernie

as second choice. 

The Stud boy's belong to our good friend 

Michelle Walker -of Waltzing Matilda's Labradoodles

it takes a lot of work & 

coordination to breed by shipping semen. Why

does she help us? For the love of the breed, and

she enjoys helping us. We are so grateful to the walkers,

and couldn't be happier with their beautiful boys. 

Waltzing Matilda's Winemaker Storm


Multigen Australian Labradoodle

​ALCA - 137-03262015-046-LD1                                                        


PennHip - L .39  R.52

OFA Elbows - Negative

CERF -  Clear

PRA - Clear

 vW - Clear

IC - Clear

EIC - Clear

Thyroid - Normal

Genotype - Bbee

Size - Medium 18" 

Weight - 30 lbs


Waltzing Matilda's Fiery Keegan


Multigen Australian Labradoodle

​ALCA - Pending


PennHip - L .36  R.37

OFA Hips - Good

OFA Elbows - Negative

CERF -  Clear

PPG Panel - All Clear

IC - Clear

Thyroid - Normal

Patella - Normal

Cardiac - Normal

Genotype - BBee

Size - Lg Mini 17" 

Weight - 25 lbs