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Autumn Haze's Wild Rose "Rosie"
DOB: 1-21-17

Autumn Haze GOLDEN PAW 2022.png

Autumn Haze's Wild Rose Rose's pups will be expected to be long flowing relaxed curl & fleece non-shedding coats. Medium size 25 - 30 lbs.  

" Rosie" weighs 38lbs, is 21" tall.  

Rose is a multi-gen. Australian Labradoodle, her pups will be multi-generational Australian Labradoodles. 

Rose's eyes, hips, elbows are all certified with the Orthopedic Foundation (OFA), and she is DNA cleared of 113 genetic disease's.

IMG_20190608_172052170_HDR (1).jpg

Autumn Haze's Wild Rose is a gorgeous dusty rose Cream, color with apricot markings. Her coat is curly fleece, and feels like silk to the touch. Rose has the sweetest temperament, a pre-seizure alarm dog (not common) & excellent agility movement (for the agility show enthusiast)Rose is medium size, weighing 38 lbs & 21" ,   Pups expected to be mediums. 25 - 30 lbs. Rose is expected to breed with Sullie for this litter.   



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